Church Services

   Masses                     Sunday:          9.45 am   & 6 pm             
                            Mon, Tues., Fri., & Sat. :  Mass   at 10 am    

Parish Priest Fr Stephen Latham

St. Quivox Road KA9 1LU


Tel : 01292 478068

Where to find us in Prestwick




Mass will be celebrated on Sundays at 9.45 am. Places are very  limited and seats have to be reserved in advance by phoning beforehand (01292 478068).  Those over 70, pregnant or with underlying health conditions should continue to follow government guidelines.

The mass will be streamed live here

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Mass will also be celebrated on Thursday morning 10 am. Seats must be reserved in advance by phoning beforehand (01292 478068).  

Live stream masses are available .

A list of parishes with live steaming can be found here

Christmas Arrangements

This Christmas will be a little different for all of us, including the arrangements for Mass. Numbers will be dramatically reduced from previous years; at the moment we are limited to 20 people and even assuming that restrictions are eased we will still only be able to accommodate somewhere around 30 in each church. There is a possibility of opening the church hall at St Quivox which may allow us to approach the maximum permitted at a Mass of 50.

Therefore, we are planning on celebrating four Christmas masses at the following times:

Christmas Eve

St Ann’s 6pm

St Quivox 8pm

Christmas Day

St Quivox 9.45am

St Ann’s 11.30am

Sadly, seats will need to be prebooked and no one will be able to attend a service who doesn’t have a seat booked. Because not everyone has access to Facebook booking will NOT be a case of first come first served. If you would like to attend one of the Christmas masses, please phone and say which mass you would like to attend. Please don’t just say any and please don’t email, text, stop me in the street and ask if you can come, it’s going to be complicated enough dealing with the phone calls. I will start taking names from Tuesday 1st December until Thursday 17th December, when names will be drawn from a hat for each of the masses and I will contact those who are able to come over that weekend, provided you have left a phone number. If you don’t hear from me I am afraid it will mean you haven’t been able to reserve a seat.

I am sorry if this seems a little complicated and cold, hopefully next year we will be able to once again welcome everyone who wants to gather to celebrate Christ’s birth.